Eco-Certification on horizon for Freshwater

Freshwater Fish is no stranger to the green trend.

As we’ve watched the world become more and more interested in “going green” and environmental issues like sustainability, global warming, pollution control and wildlife protection, Freshwater Fish has been communicating the need for governments to create their own plans for fishery certification.

We want our customers to look to us for high quality, dependable and sustainable products – and we believe eco-certification must be a part of that process.

But what is eco-certification?

Put simply, eco-certification involves a government agency, non-governmental organization (NGO) or industry organization verifying environmentally sustainable practices are being followed. In our world, eco-certification is intended to make sure our lakes have a sustainable fish supply and our fishers maintain ethical harvesting practices. A sustainable fishery will guarantee the traditional way of life for our fishers and their children.

As well, eco-certified freshwater fish will help us maintain our leading position in vital markets. Retail chains – especially in Europe, where sustainable agriculture and aquaculture are more popular – are demanding their products come from sustainable fisheries.

Eco-certification doesn’t happen overnight, though.

It’s a lengthy process with many challenges – traceability, data collection and costs among them.

We fully support the work being done by the provincial government of Manitoba to explore the way forward to certification of lakes in the province. The future of the freshwater fishery will depend on it.

We’ll keep working and will keep you updated with our progress … after all, who doesn’t want an earth-friendlier fishery?