Final Payment and New Board Members

The busy spring fishing season has come and gone ~ I trust everyone is enjoying the summer and resting up for the fall fishing season, which starts in about a month.   

Freshwater had a successful financial year that ended on April 30th. Fishers who have signed contracts with us will share in a final payment of $4 million.  There will be payouts on pickerel, whitefish, northern pike, mullet, perch, and tullibee and carp roe.

Two new Directors have been appointed to Freshwater’s Board and both attended the year-end Board meeting in July. Dana Gregoire is a lawyer practising corporate/commercial and securities law. Micah Melnyk is an economic development and market intelligence consultant for the World Bank. These new Directors bring additional knowledge, skills and abilities to help provide direction to/oversight of the Corporation.   

The 2018 financial results, including final payment and the appointment of two new Board directors, show our commitment to continue to purchase, process and market your fish based on our established and proven track record of product quality and reliability with customers.  Our goal remains: to maximize returns to contracted fishers through efficient supply chain management.          

Freshwater Fish, from Lake to Plate® and here for fishers!