Introducing the Freshwater Fish Blog

Well here it is.

My first attempt at a public blog.

I’ll admit I was sceptical when someone first suggested I write a blog. Would anyone want to read it? Today, I am confident the answer to this question is yes.

I am fortunate enough to come to work every day as the CEO of Freshwater Fish – a home-grown Canadian company that deals daily with international consumers and relies on local talent to make its business grow.

In the same morning, I can deal with fishers as near as Lake Winnipeg and distributors as far away as Finland. The Freshwater team works together to ensure commercial fishers make their livelihood and customers receive the highest quality freshwater fish products.

Each day, I learn from those I work and communicate with … and I must say I pick up some pretty interesting information along the way.

So why shouldn’t I share it?

I’m proud to introduce the Freshwater Fish Executive Blog – an online hub where at least once a month I will share insight into Freshwater Fish and the freshwater fishing industry, relay interesting information I learn in my daily dealings and talk generally about things of note and relevance that cross my desk or my mind.

Sometimes, I’ll pass the torch to other members of the Freshwater Fish team who have something to say.

We’ll cover a broad range of topics and talk to fishers, consumers and people who simply want to know more about the freshwater fishery and its place in the food industry. 

Who knows – maybe we’ll even integrate some multimedia into the blog and show you what goes on in the plant or even on the lake.

So check back soon – I’d like to share our world with you.

Because it’s a world I truly enjoy being a part of!

- John Wood, President and CEO