Lake to Plate TV – Insights into Freshwater Fish

Have you ever wondered how Freshwater brings the world’s best wild-caught freshwater fish products from the lake to your plate? 

Tune in to Lake to Plate TV, our YouTube channel, to find out!

Lake to Plate TV features a series of mini-documentary and newscast style videos that give you an inside look at what Freshwater does – and how we do it.

Simply put, we work with fishers to meet the demand of the international market for quality Canadian fish products.

However, we do much more than just sell the fish - we add value to the product through processing and marketing.

  • We ensure CFIA and other food safety requirements are met.
  • Our kosher products cater to the Jewish community and conform to dietary laws.
  • We produce a range of fresh and frozen products to meet each of our customer’s needs.
  • Even our by-product brings in income – we sell trim as a high quality raw material to a company which makes a premium pet food.

Freshwater provides fishers with direct access to the global food chain allowing them to compete in markets that would be otherwise be out of reach.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide fishers with stability and the certainty that they will be paid.

Fishers know that we will always buy all of their catch throughout the year and they will not have to search for independent buyers.

Even when the Government of Saskatchewan officially withdrew from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act in 2012, fishers still chose to sell their catch to Freshwater. Watch the video to learn more.

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