In-line Processing Cuts Down on Steps – From Lake to Plate

Before Freshwater installed the new tunnel freezer and frozen grading line, there were multiple starts and stops along the way as fish moved through the plant on processing lines designed and installed as long as 40+ years ago.

First, fish to be sold as frozen fillets would move from the filleting and trimming lines to be once-frozen and stored for grading at a later date.

When scheduled for grading, the totes would be brought out and fed into the grader by a forklift operator.

Now, the new graders are directly in-line with the tunnel freezers, making the process less complicated – and much more efficient.

The new line has been in action for less than a year and we are already experiencing great efficiencies. We can now skip the middle step and get the product directly from the tunnel freezer to the grader and into final cases for sale.

The benefits of this investment far outweigh any costs associated with installing it, including:
•    An ongoing  reduction in labour for handling totes;
•    Efficiency created by longer production runs; and,
•    Improved quality of product by reduced handling.

A process that previously could have taken weeks can now take hours – which means our frozen products are now ready to ship to customers almost immediately.

Taking freshwater fish from lake to plate just got even more efficient.