Corporate Framework

At Freshwater Fish, we aim to consistently deliver quality products fresh from Canada’s most pristine lakes to the plates of our end users. A clear mandate, mission and core values guide us in our business model and help keep us streamlined.


  • Purchase all fish lawfully harvested and offered for sale in our jurisdiction
  • Create an orderly market
  • Promote international markets
  • Increase fish trade
  • Increase returns to fishers


Freshwater Fish will support the orderly management of the freshwater fishery through planned harvesting, processing and marketing strategies to optimize returns to commercial fishers.


Freshwater Fish will maximize returns to the fishers of western Canada through effective marketing, efficient supply chain management, and the value-added processing of quality freshwater fish products.


To maintain the utmost sense of professionalism, quality and sustainability, we pride ourselves on our core values:

  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Vigilance in all we do to ensure the sustainability of the inland fishery.
  • Open, honest and accountable.
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations for quality, service and reliability.
  • Provide a working environment that recognizes employee value and fosters innovation and respect.
  • Above all, we are governed by our responsibilities to fishers.

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