February 2013 Information Requests

A12-02 Provide a detailed list of all clients who have purchased products from FMC from 200-2 to current date, including but not limited to local, national and international clients.
# of pages 11                      All exempted



A12-03 Provide the Business Analysis Report  on the information technology system including current system, needs analysis, and the system proposed.
# of pages 2                        All Disclosed



A12-07   All fishers registered with Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation in Manitoba based on region including  demographics. 
 # of pages 196                     Disposition:  None disclosed



A12-10 Provide fish prices based on species and regions  caught for 2002 to 2012 including prices paid to fishers as well as market prices. 
# of pages 667                   Disposition:  Disclosed in part