Strategic Planning

At Freshwater Fish, we constantly strive to move forward and improve both our business and products on a consistent basis.

Strategic directions provide the basis of this movement and help us position ourselves as an industry leader.

We are currently working on a strategic plan, which contains seven key strategies for sustainability, growth and development. Each of these strategies is actively considered in all our operations.

Strategy 1: Expand the business to create value and diversify to promote stability

Strategy 2: Develop Freshwater Fish as a market-oriented business model

Strategy 3: Promote sustainable development and commercial viability of the fishery

Strategy 4: Develop processing infrastructure to meet fishery and market needs

Strategy 5: Ensure the long-term financial viability of Freshwater Fish

Strategy 6: Total quality management

Strategy 7: Stakeholder communications

For more information on any of the strategies, download the Freshwater Fish Strategic Directions fact sheet.