The Saskatchewan Scene

It’s no secret there’s something going on in Saskatchewan – and that Freshwater Fish will soon be impacted by a decision made by provincial officials.

The Saskatchewan government has decided to remove itself from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act, now effective April 2012. (The shift was originally scheduled for April 2011 but the move was delayed.)
Essentially, this means that in April Saskatchewan fishers will no longer be required to sell their catch to Freshwater Fish. It also means that we will no longer be required to purchase their fish.

Despite this development, many fishers and cooperatives in the province indicate they want to continue to sell their catch to us – and even though we will no longer have a mandate to buy it, we will continue to have an interest in their product.

Our Field Operations team has been meeting with fishers, talking about how we may go forward and continue to buy Saskatchewan-caught product under certain conditions.

We intend to draft 12- month contracts with individual cooperatives that will require Freshwater Fish to buy all their fish and the cooperative to deliver all its catch to us.

We will never agree to pay more for fish in Saskatchewan than other regions and will no longer provide services like pre-season credit and EI/Royalty deductions.  If these services are provided, they will be the responsibility of whomever is dealing directly with the fishers.

So far, we have received considerable positive feedback from Saskatchewan fishers and we will continue to update you as further developments occur.

After all, our goal is to work together and keep communication open and flowing.

-    John Wood, President and CEO