Thinking of Dauphin River

At Freshwater Fish, we’re big fans of sharing success stories when things go well.


Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter bad news stories – and I feel I have a responsibility to share one of those with you this month.

Though many regional fishers are fully into the summer season, our friends in the Dauphin River area have been overcome by floodwaters and are without any hope of setting nets this year.

Families are beginning to suffer and the local economy has taken a tremendous beating. 

In light of these terrible circumstances, I speak for the whole Freshwater Fish community when I say our hearts go out to you and your families in the wake of this natural disaster.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Dauphin River situation, flooding in the area started in November when the lake froze and surrounded boats that had already been pulled out of the water. Within a two-day span in mid-November, the water crested over the community road and then buried parts of the community under piles of ice.

By December, water reached record heights and the Department of Highways officially closed the community’s only access road. A detour was built, but that too was quickly washed out. Eventually construction of a new road was halted by ice jams, rushing water and dramatic freeze-thaw patterns.

Now months later, their fishing season is destroyed and the community has been given temporary island status (government officials have put a MedEvac on standby for the community).  

The implications are far-reaching, both economically and ecologically, and we know we will all have to do our parts to support Dauphin River as it makes its way to the other side of this tough situation.