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CHAIRPERSON (Part-Time Position)

The Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC) is a parent Crown corporation and reports to Parliament through the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.  The FFMC is the buyer, processor, and marketer of freshwater fish from Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.   

The Chairperson is primarily responsible for the overall leadership of the Board of Directors while providing strategic guidance in the formulation of the vision for the Corporation, building consensus, and providing strategic guidance and oversight with regard to the implementation of the vision and policy decisions.  He or she ensures corporate governance best practices including effective Board performance assessment and, along with the CEO, acts as the Corporation’s spokesperson.  The Chairperson is the primary liaison with the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and is accountable to the stakeholders.

The ideal candidate would have a degree from a recognized university in a relevant field of study or an acceptable combination of education, job-related training and/or experience.

The ideal candidate would have experience serving as a member of a board of directors, preferably as a Chairperson.  He or she would have experience in managing human and financial resources at a senior level in the public and/or private sectors.  Experience in implementing modern corporate governance principles and best practices is desired.  The candidate would have experience in dealing with government, preferably with senior officials.  Experience in marketing and in the fishing industry, particularly the freshwater fsh sector would be considered an asset. 

The ideal candidate would have knowledge of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation’s mandate, business activities and public policy issues as well as its governing legislation, including the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act and the Financial Administration Act.  The candidate would have knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the chairperson, the board, and the president of a similar sized organization.  He or she would have knowledge of strategic corporate planning, monitoring and evaluation of corporate performance.  Knowledge of the public policy environment, processes and best practices is desired.  He or she would possess knowledge of human resources, financial and risk management. Knowledge of marketing and of the fishing industry, particularly the freshwater fish sector would be considered an asset.  

The ideal candidate would have strong leadership and managerial skills to ensure the Board of Directors conducts its work effectively.  The candidate would have the ability to anticipate emerging issues and develop strategies to enable the Board to seize opportunities and solve problems.  He or she would also have the ability to effectively foster debate and discussions among Board members, facilitate consensus and manage conflicts, should they arise.  The candidate would have the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with management, the government, officials from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Corporation’s business partners, and stakeholders.  Moreover, he or she would have superior communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to manage communications with a variety of stakeholders and the media. 

To achieve the Corporation’s objectives and carry out its mandate, the Chairperson would possess superior interpersonal skills, sound judgement and integrity.   He or she would adhere to high ethical standards,   and would possess tact and diplomacy, as well as initiative.

Proficiency in both official languages would be preferred. 

A person who has reached the age of seventy years is not eligible to be appointed a director of the Corporation and a director of the Corporation ceases to hold office on reaching the age of seventy years.

The Government is committed to ensuring that its appointments are representative of Canada’s regions and official languages, as well as of women, Aboriginal peoples, disabled persons and visible minorities.

The selected candidate must comply with the Ethical Political Activity Guidelines for Public Office Holders. The guidelines are available on the Governor in Council Appointments Web site, under "Reference Material" at

The selected candidate will be subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. For more information please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner’s Web site at

This notice has been placed in the Canada Gazette to assist the Governor in Council in identifying qualified candidates for this position.  It is not, however, intended to be the sole means of recruitment.

Further details about the organization and its activities can be found on its Web site at

Interested candidates should forward their curriculum vitae by August 29, 2014, to the Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Senior Personnel), Privy Council Office, 59 Sparks Street, 1st Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A3, 613‑957‑5006 (facsimile),

English and French notices of vacancies will be produced in an alternative format upon request.  For further information, please contact

Please see the Selection Criteria for more information on this position.