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The Saskatchewan Scene

It’s no secret there’s something going on in Saskatchewan – and that Freshwater Fish will soon be impacted by a decision made by provincial officials.

The Saskatchewan government has decided to remove itself from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act, now effective April 2012. (The shift was originally scheduled for April 2011 but the move was delayed.)
Essentially, this means that in April Saskatchewan fishers will no longer be required to sell their catch to Freshwater Fish. It also means that we will no longer be required to purchase their fish.

Thinking of Dauphin River

At Freshwater Fish, we’re big fans of sharing success stories when things go well.


Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter bad news stories – and I feel I have a responsibility to share one of those with you this month.

Though many regional fishers are fully into the summer season, our friends in the Dauphin River area have been overcome by floodwaters and are without any hope of setting nets this year.

Eco-Certification on horizon for Freshwater

Freshwater Fish is no stranger to the green trend.

As we’ve watched the world become more and more interested in “going green” and environmental issues like sustainability, global warming, pollution control and wildlife protection, Freshwater Fish has been communicating the need for governments to create their own plans for fishery certification.

We want our customers to look to us for high quality, dependable and sustainable products – and we believe eco-certification must be a part of that process.

But what is eco-certification?

International Inspirations

Working at Freshwater Fish, I get the chance every day to learn about new and interesting ways to prepare the freshwater fish caught in our region.

We often get recipes from our fishers and others in the region who are the very best when it comes to fish preparation. These kitchen connoisseurs were the inspiration for the Freshwater Fish Recipe Book we launched last year – and I’m very pleased to see we’re adding more recipes this month.

Live from the Ice

Freshwater Fish President and CEO John Wood

Earlier this month I experienced something I’ve always been interested in, but never managed to do. I went ice fishing.

Introducing the Freshwater Fish Blog

Well here it is.

My first attempt at a public blog.

I’ll admit I was sceptical when someone first suggested I write a blog. Would anyone want to read it? Today, I am confident the answer to this question is yes.

I am fortunate enough to come to work every day as the CEO of Freshwater Fish – a home-grown Canadian company that deals daily with international consumers and relies on local talent to make its business grow.

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