At Freshwater Fish, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s finest wild-caught freshwater fish products sustainably harvested from pristine Canadian lakes.

From the heart of Canada’s inland commercial fishery – we are world-renowned for high quality products and consistent supply dating back to 1969.

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Freshwater’s brand represents a global benchmark for top quality wild-caught Canadian freshwater fish. In the Midwest United States, walleye marketed by Freshwater is a premier choice for chefs when placing walleye on their menus. Freshwater is a large and trusted supplier of lake whitefish and lake whitefish caviar to Finland and a key supplier of tullibee roe in Scandinavia. We continue to be the dominant supplier to the northern pike market in France, both with minced and new product innovations. We are the largest individual supplier of freshwater fish products to the American gefilte fish market and maintain a kosher-certified processing facility.

Freshwater has earned a solid reputation based on product reliability, quality and safety. We are a recognized industry leader with an internationally established and highly endorsed brand of excellence.


Freshwater Fish has played a pivotal role in meeting the unique needs of Canada’s commercial inland fishery for over 50 years. The Corporation’s purpose remains true to its 1969 legislated mandate in its current mission statement: To maximize long term returns to commercial fishers through securing supply, creating an orderly market, promoting international markets and increasing trade in freshwater fish. Canada’s commercial inland fishery and Freshwater Fish have contributed to the economic prosperity of many fishing communities in western and northern Canada for over half a century.


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