Quality Guarantee

Strict quality control begins the moment one of our fishers pulls catch from one of our pristine Canadian lakes. Fish are packed in slurry, hygienically transported and quickly inserted into our stringent quality controlled plant.

Our job is to eliminate waste, by ensuring our fish moves quickly through the supply chain while effectively managing costs and controlling food safety.

In fact, we know food safety is of the utmost importance to our customers.

For that reason, we base our food safety practices on scientific control processes for handling, preparation and storage to prevent food-borne illness. Because we have so many diverse clients with vast regulatory differences, we adhere to the policies of a number of organizations.

Canadian Regulations

  • Food and Drug Act and Regulations
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency Fish Inspection Regulations
  • Weights and Measures Act
  • Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act

United States Food and Drug Administration

  • Import Regulations
  • Food Production Regulations

Europa Food Law

Our quality assurance staff have backgrounds in food science, chemistry, biology or microbiology, and are trained in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Quality Management Program (QMP) for fish processing in Canada.

We inspect fish from the time it arrives at the Winnipeg plant through all processing steps, to the time it is shipped to the customer. We carefully inspect each delivery against 30 quality, dressing, packing and grading standards.

Throughout production, we monitor all food safety and quality attributes including temperature, processing time, color, weight, texture and appearance to ensure our customers receive the highest quality, most flavorful fish on the market.